In 2012 the entire world was tuned into Danville, Kentucky for the vice presidential debate, and Kentucky agriculture found itself to be at the forefront. With debates over everything from Hot Browns to bourbon the vice presidential candidates had much on their plates when it came to discussing the future of the potential agricultural system in all of Kentucky.  Media and guests from all over the globe were treated to an explosion of Kentucky provided by Kentucky Proud. As one of the major sponsors of the event, Kentucky proud held the Governor’s media reception on the evening before the debate in which they showcased traditional Kentucky fare such as cheeses, vegetables from the area, drinks and desserts produced with local flavor. The story of agriculture in the area is featured prominently in every vice-presidential debate and the 2012 debate of Biden-Ryan was no exception.
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Agriculture in Kentucky has taken a hit in many recent years and the need for funding was at the forefront of the debate. The question was posed by vice presidential candidate Joseph Biden in which he remarked “How can we help Kentucky meet its agricultural demands by way of government subsidized help?” Many locals from the area were in attendance at the event with farmers and representatives from some of the largest global farming manufacturers in the world including Monsanto, John Deere and Purdue chicken farms. The Governor’s media reception held on the night before the debate was a clever way to showcase the talents and need for funding that Kentucky has and the vice presidential candidates were happy to attend. The media reception gave the entire world a look into the importance of the agricultural situation in the Kentucky area and along with it came the realization that, should Kentucky lose or not increase the funding needed to sustain their agricultural situation, all of the wonderful products that come from the area could be lost and a great number of Americans could lose their jobs as well.

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